The end of an era….maybe

Well, apparently, not every guy you meet is a total asshole. Who knew? haha. Well we all hope it’s true, but as you can see in my previous posts, it is like finding a diamond in the rough (And just in case you were wondering , yes my if did just drift off to Aladdin being a diamond I  the rough). 

So I started seeing a new guy, and he is different from everyone else that I have been with. And when I think about it, really I’m different. I’m no longer really hoping that boqueny makes an appearance. Well ok maybe she can, but I’m hoping it’s just to let a crazy side out with the person I’m dating, exclusively.

It’s a whole new world for me (Aladdin reference number 2). I’m standing up to guys being pig’s, I’m demanding to be taken seriously, and treated well. And when I do this, it really does help to weed through the riff raff. 

So here’s to hoping this guys doesn’t have some weird secret love child or some deviant thing going on. fingers crossed.

Update: this guy = total loser 😑