I’m Back!

Ok, sorry for the sabotical from blogging. But here is what I’ve been up to since April. 

May – for about two wees I was talking to this guy named josh. He was a nice guy, but it didn’t last. Why you ask did this guy not last? Well he I guess had gotten out of relationship recently and was looking to just go out to bars and the casino and just get drunk, and it’s really just not my scene. And I get it you want to have fun. But this was really the thung that tippee the scales against him. One night he came over to I thought spend time with me, but it turns out he liked where my apartment was and he decided to go to the bar until 1 am, then go to the casino until 4am, then have to come back to my place because he left his bag so he could stay the night. Sorry but if that’s what you want, pay rent and sleep on the couch.

June – June was kinda uneventful in the love/relationship department. This was because I had made the decision to move out of philly and move in with my best friend. So I knew I wasn’t going to try and find something meaningful knowing I am going to stay in the area. 

July – the big move. I moved to the beach. Peace ommmmmm. I needed to get out of the city. I had changed all my dating apps to reflect that I had moved and started talking to a couple people. One guy I thought was really nice. He seemed normal, didn’t mention sexual things, said he wanted to meet when I moved. But nothing ever happened. 

August – august was fun, found a job started really settling into my new life. And I started talking to Mike. Oh Mike. I’ll be honest he is worthy of his own post. 

Ok well I’m gonna go for now. I’ll follow up soon with the whole story of august and how it’s moved into September and October! 


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