Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Why do guys lie? I have had guys lie about the stupidest things, and then large things.  Here are a few examples:

  1. I was talking to one guy, and he wouldn’t get past the fact that I really didn’t want to just casually hook up.  He kept pushing, and finally I found out that – he couldn’t do more than causal because…..HE’S MARRIED! This guy kept trying to get me to sleep with him for weeks, and all this time he is married.  He claimed that he and his wife had a non sexual life anymore.  For all women out there – if you are not happy – just get a divorce.  Don’t stray!
  2. Another guy that I was talking to had a picture of a famous soccer player as his profile picture.  So I asked him what he really looked like – and told him that I hate liars, so don’t lie. He tells me that he looks similar to the picture, but wouldn’t send me his photo. I ask what he is hiding, is he married? is he running from the law? There are so many things running through my head. So he finally says he doesn’t want to lose me – (we have been talking for 20 minutes so he doesn’t have me).  His big confession – he was black (his picture was white). I just don’t understand that. Why would you lie about that.

I have enough trust issues with online dating.  But adding these stupid lies just makes me hate it even more.


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