I’m sorry that I can’t meet you 10 minutes after you say hello.

When people use to meet, they would give each other their phone numbers, and set up a time to meet – later, and when I say later, I usually don’t mean later that day. So why is it that when you talk to a guy online, they get upset when you can’t meet them ten minutes after they say hi?

I have started talking to a few people, and then they ask me, like 10 minutes into the conversation, if I want to meet them for a drink – like right then.  Although, I will admit, I don’t have the most bustling social life, I am not always available at people’s beckon call.  But then they get mad at me.

I get it, when you are online dating, it happens that when you start talking to people there are chances that you will never actually meet in person.  But, if someone says, tonight doesn’t work – when are you available next week – an appropriate response is not – well I guess we can plan for next year, because you’re never going to actually meet me.

Ummm……boys are so frustrating.


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