Umm…wait, haven’t we talked before?

The problem with online dating, is although it seems like there is this infinite number of people out there that you can meet – you still run the risk of having someone you’ve talked to – forget that you’ve talked to them.  I know it happens in the bar scene too, but it’s just awkward.

It happened to me this morning.  I had talked to this guy, and even had him come over for a brief hookup session. It has been at least a month – if not 6 weeks since I talked to him.  I get this message this morning, from him, as a basic intro message like we have never talked.  My response was ….seriously….we’ve talked before.  He claimed his memory isn’t that good.

Umm ok, its one thing if you just forgotten that we had talked – but seriously, you came to my house and saw me naked.  Here is how the rest of the conversation went:

Him: we met in person, right?

Me: yeah

Him: Ah yeah.  Did you like messing around?

Me: well clearly it made an impression on you

Him: are you horny?

Me: not at the moment

Him: would you want your pussy licked?

Me: haha

Him: what?

Me: you talked this big game about this, and when we actually met, nothing

Him: I didn’t lick it?

Me: nope

Him: that’s weird.  I love doing it.  Were you shaved completely?  Do you want me to lick it now?

Seriously – I didn’t call you afterwards the first time – you didn’t remember me – and are now trying to see if I was shaved, because that could have affected what you actually are willing to do when you come over.  Ladies and gentlemen – I give you – Online dating.


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