You Want to Know….What?

I am finding with more and more of the guys that I am talking to, that they want to hear, in very specific detail, about what you have done with other guys. I would understand if they asked me different things that I like, or I guess things that I have tried, but this is different, and weird.

I have had different guys ask if I have gotten any from anyone else, and if I said yes, they really want to know what happened.  Like they want a step by step, blow by blow, account of what happened…because it gets them off. I don’t tell them the details, because it’s weird.  But then I start thinking about it, and realizing that, you don’t know what is happening on the other end of the phone.

No matter what they are saying to you, you don’t know what they are doing…or worse, you do know.  They tell you that they are getting hard looking at your picture and putting their hands down their pants.  All I can say to this is Boys Are Disgusting.


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