I don’t need a guy to be overly cocky, but it really doesn’t do anything for me when you are so desperate for approval that you sound needy.  I had this guy that I was talking to for a couple days.  I knew on his profile that he wasn’t interested in a relationship, and right now I am not looking for that either.  We were talking and he asked what I was doing over the weekend, so I told him what I had planned, and his response was this long rant about how he never gets dates, and is going to go crazy if he doesn’t make plans for the weekend…….UMMMMMMMMMMM not a turn on.

I told him that I didn’t know what to tell him, as to why his profile didn’t get him any dates, and he then asked me for honest advice.  My advice, was that he is coming off desparate and it made me uncomfortable.  He tried to play it off, but then he kept asking me why he couldn’t get a date, and I wanted to be like …this…this is why you can’t get a date.  When you come off that you don’t have any confidence in yourself, makes me want to run.

We went on to fight and talk about the awkwardness of trying to show your personality through text messaging, and if you have any hint of sarcasm in your tone, you can come off as a bitch or asshole.  It makes meeting people more difficult because you aren’t sure if you can be yourself with out prefacing everything that you say.


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