Not Going to Beg

When you are on a dating site, you create your profile, and no matter what you actually are looking for, it seems that guys write what they think girls want to hear.  Something along the lines of I am looking for a relationship yada yada yada.  Well even when they put they want a relationship…it’s bullshit. haha.

No matter who you talk to, or what you write, eventually someone is going to ask “So what are you looking for?” Your response can be, anything from looking for casual sex, to looking to get married and find the person they are going to spend the rest of your life with.

Lately, my response has been that I am looking to meet people, have fun, see what’s out there.  Really I don’t think I can do a serious thing right now.  Most guys take this as, I am looking for casual sex…and I will admit, sometimes that is all I am really looking for right now.  The thing is, I may be looking for fun, but that doesn’t mean that I am going just screw every guy that pays attention to me.

When guys find out that, yeah I could be up for fun, but I tell them, just becuase I am doesn’t mean I will immediately sleep with them – they take the first part of the sentence and just ignore the rest.  If I am up for fun, and I have said hello, obviously it means, get over here and get inside me. So they push it on you, with the well we should hang outs, or I can come over, or they get fairly descriptive as to what they want to do to me.  Then I tell them, I don’t want to right now – and I basically a tease.  So they push me, why not, why are you being lame, come on, what else are you doing.

When I stand my ground, and don’t tremble at their witty lines, they get angry.  They either just stop talking completely, or they get mad and say things like, whatever I am not going to beg for it, I can go somewhere else. (because mentally all boys are 12).  Which, this in turn, makes me really glad that I didn’t invite them over.  You may not beg, well I am not going to be pressured or bullied into it.


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