When is the right time, to give a pet name?

Throughout life, I have had infinite numbers of nicknames used, created from my first, and my last name, from just my personality, and then even inside jokes.  Nicknames are great, but pet names are something different.  A pet name is the meant to be used as a term of endearment from a significant other. Baby, hun, sweetie, and the ever so popular bae, along with cute ones that a couple will come up with for one another.

The question is, when can you start using one.  I knwo some people who refer to everyone as sweetheart, my dear, or hun, so when they do it, it’s not a big deal.  But, when I get a message, and we still haven’t met in person yet, am I really your sweetheart? Your baby, or whatever you want to call me?  I mean the reason that most are probably doing this when talking to people from online sites, is well, they don’t remember your name.  I will admit, I have talked to a few people, and forgotten their names.  It helps when I get their phone numbers because I save their names and pictures, so I remember who I am talking to. And then by using pet names, for everyone they are talking to, they can’t get your name wrong.  I know – this is very cynical of me, but really if we have said all of 10 sentences, am I really your baby?  Or even worse, when that is in your opening line.

Pet names, to me, shouldn’t just be thrown around like a football.  PIck a name you can handle that person calling you for the rest of your relationship (however short or long that may be).


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