Fool me once

As it turns out, online dating has the option so that it can be the get drunk and bring someone home with you for that awkward one night.  With this, you don’t actually have to get drunk in order to get ballsy enough to ask them to come over though.  Now you get to know someone enought to ask them over strictly for sex.

I will admit, I have done this. Actually mine were more the second date one night stands.  I go on first date, end it with a great kiss that if I wanted to could lead to more, but then I try and be the senisble one and not have sex on the first night.  So, I, as a classy person, wait until the second date.  Then after the second date when we have sex, I never hear from them again.

This last time though, I had been flirting with a guy through text for a while, and I’ll admit he seemed like he would be a lot of fun in bed.  He sent me the obligitory dick pick (…yay…) but looking at it, he is VERY well endowed.  SO after a while we finally decided that we should take the text flirtation to reality.  We both knew what this was though, this was just because we both wanted to have sex.  Nothing more.  We weren’t interested in getting to know each other, we didn’t want to take it to a nother level, we just wanted to have the physical release of on orgasm.

Well we were both free one weekend so we planned that he would come over Friday night, and we would have fun, no expectations, except to get off.  We talked about how the week was moving slowly, how we wish Friday would just hurry up and get here already. Well then Friday came – and he didn’t. I told him that I was off work by 6, and if he came over anytime after 8 then street parking is free until 8am.  So I asked what time he will be coming over around 1:00pm – nothing. No response.  Then I left work and got home, still nothing, 6, 7, 8, 9, nothing.  So I went to bed.  Yes, he seems like he would be fun in bed, but NO I will not beg someone to come over for sex.  I wanted to be the girl that text with the snarky remark, but just left it.

Well I woke up at like 3:30 to pee and checked my phone, and there was the text.  At 11:15 “sorry I fell asleep after dinner.”  I don’t know about you, but if it’s been a while since you have had sex, and you have a sure thing waiting for you, then taking a nap after dinner seems like the last thing you want to do.  Especially since, you didn’t go into work that day, which means you could have napped or relaxed or whatever throughout the day.  Well instead of being angry or bitter, I just respond with “it’s ok” and to my surprise….he is awake, and he responds.  He doesn’t bring up the fact that he didn’t come over, just starts talking about how there probably isn’t room to park on the street right now, but he could come over right now.  It’s now like 4:00am, and I am exhausted.  so I go, look if you want to come over, just tell me, if not I am going back to bed.


If you don’t want to come over, I am not going to be mad, or sad, or think less of you.  I don’t care.  Just don’t lie to me, that’s what makes you seem like an asshole.


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