The Online Profile

Let’s just call a spade a spade.  When it comes to the online profile, we are very shallow.  With the way that profiles are set up, it’s so easy to just swipe left, or swipe right on someones face to say whether or not we are interested.  And it can be a fun game, see how many times you actually swipe right out of the next 10 profiles etc. But who are we kidding, when we date this way, we have no idea anything about the person, except if we like that one main profile picture. Because of this, your profile picture needs to be perfect if you hope to, attract people, and attract the right types of people.

Here are few things that you should never have in your dating profile picture:

  • a picture that you can’t see your face
  • a picture where, I don’t know who you are because you are in a group of like 50 people
  • a picture with another woman, unless that woman is your mother or grandmother.  Even sisters or cousins and friends isn’t a good idea, because, why would you be on a dating site, if it looks like you are a couple
  • if you are going to take a picture in a bathroom mirror (c’mon people its 2015, take a selfie) under no circumstance is it ok to have a urinal or other toilet visible in the picture
  • a picture of money, seriously, I’ve seen this.
  • hold an entire bottle of alcohol, thinking it makes you look cool – you look like a drunk
  • a picture of you smoking.  Even if you are a smoker, and or you don’t care if someone smokes, you just look gross smoking in the picture
  • a picture where you have cropped it so when it pops up, you can’t see your face
  • (I wish this one was more obvious) a dick pic

Remember, you have about 1/2 a second to intrigue someone enough to swipe right or even, if you’re really lucky have them actually look through your whole profile.  Don’t blow it on a bad picture!


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