Which Sex and The City Girl are You?

I love taking quizzes! I think the fact that Buzzfeed made an entire section of quizzes was the greatest thing ever. One of the quizzes that I feel that almost every girl has taken from one site or another is to find out which of the girls from Sex and the City you are.

I have lately been thiniking about which one I am.  Normally I have always thought of myself as the Charlotte of the group.  I am the more innocent one, who wanted a family.  Now, I think I am a mix of all 4 – and I love it.

In writing this blog, I am Carrie.  No, I don’t think that I will become a famous author from writing about my life, but I am having fun doing this. Also I the one of my friends who, if I ever get married, it will not be until later in life. I am Miranda in that, I am focused on my career, and I can be a little bit, well my friends call it technical.  In fact they give me “technicality points” whenever I try and correct themI am still Charlotte, in that I am the innocent one of my friends. I waited to have a sex until later in life.  Also I want to steal her entire closet. (yes, hers and not Carries).  Lastly lately I have taken on the Samantha aspect of my life.  One she works in PR – I work in events (close enough), and now I am going through my, well, sluttly phase.


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