Let it Go! Let it Go!


When you talk to someone, and you realize that it isn’t working, you should let it go.  Or if you are talking to someone, and you tell them you are moving to a new state, 3 hours away, you should let it go.

I was talking to one guy while I was living in DC, and he was one of those committment phobe levels.  He wanted to talk to me, and kept saying we should meet up.  Never happened.  I told him I was moving to Philly, and that unfortunately it wasn’t going to work since I am leaving.  I figured that would be good, and that would be the end.  And I thought since I didn’t hear anything from him for a month, that it really was done.

Well – I am really bad at reading people. I got a message from him (after I deleted his number, and had to figure out who it was) asking about who I have met in the city.  Then claiming that he still wanted me to hook up with him.  Seriously, does he think I am driving 3 hours for a booty call????

And that’s another thing, guys asking about what you have done with other guys.  THIS IS WEIRD!!!! I understand that I am writing this blog for the whole world to read about my dating life, but I am not going to go into that much detail. I don’t understand how me telling you all the details of my personal sex life is something that you would want, because it gets you off.  I don’t want to know what you and another girl have done, why do you want to know what I have done with other guys?


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