After about a month in Philly, I started talking to this guy Pete.  He worked close to my office, but at a very different schedule than me.  So when I was leaving work, he had just started his shift.  The first time I finally met him, I went right after work and we talked for a few minutes.  He was working so we couldn’t talk long.

We kept messaging each other and decided we wanted to go out.  The problem was, that I would get dont with work by 6 and he didnt finish until about midnight.  (And let me tell you, I don’t care if you think I am an old fogie, but I am usually in bed by like 9:30 and asleep by 11 – so midnight is like way past my bedtime).  But I decided I wanted to see where this would go, so I agreed to meet him for a drink after work.  He had to let out his dog, so we met up after he got off and drove to a hole in the wall bar by his house.

We had a great time, getting to know each other – even trying to get past the awkward first date phase.  then we went to his house to take his dog out.  He has a really cute puppy, and we took him on a walk and just talked some more.  He invited me to stay the night, but I was being good and wanted to see where this could go.  So I told him I had to leave, and we kissed goodnight.

We continued talking and finally met up again a couple weeks later.  We set to meet up again when he got off work, and this time we were both tired so we just went to his house to hang out.  We watch part of a movie and since it was close to 1 am, we were both tired so we went to his room to go to bed.  we started cuddling and well one thing led to another and we ended up having sex.  Considering my inexperience with sex, this was a new thing for me.  With Rob in DC, it was a very passionate experience, somewhat rough, and very intense.  With Pete, it was more subtle and sweet.  Both good experiences, just different.

I spent the night, when we woke up in the moring we had sex again, before I had to leave for work.  I thought everything was going well.  I thought that he was going to be a decent guy.  Well – clearly my radar for decent guys is WAY off.  After this, he basically went ghost.  Stopped talking to me, and I didnt really see him for a while either.  I ended up on a walk, seeing him while he was working, so I text him and we decided that we were going to meet up during his lunch break.  We met, and talked, but it was very weird.  I could tell that this was the end.  So finally I text him, saying that he just didn’t seem like he was interested any more.  His response was that he had been really busy, and had a lot of things going on in his life, and just needed time to himself. — uh huh, sure.  Thats why he then updated his dating profile online.

Do guys not realize that we can see these things?  Just be honest, I called you out – just say, yeah I am just not interested right now.  Or anything!


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