Heyyyyyyy HRU WYD

It used to be that when you think of people who talk in text, you imagined a valley girl at the mall.  But I am learning more and more that guys on dating sites are either lazy or have soooo much going on that at least 50% of the their messages are basically in code that you have to figure out.

This code can range from deciding if adding exgtra letters to a word is a good or bad thing.  Like for example, a normal person says hey – but guys on dating sites say heyyyyyyyy.  I am not sure that the extra “y’s” are a good thing or a bad thing! Then if they are not making a 3 letter word a 15 letter word they are making a 3 word sentence into 3 letters.

I have recently learned a few key phrases that are used by multiple people: hru = how are you. WYD = what are you doing? GM = good morning. RLY = really.  There are more and new ones pop every day that I have to actually ask – what are you saying.

What happened to when people wrote letters to each other?  I know this may ne the romantic in me, but Noah on the Notebook wrote Allie a letter everyday for a year – and now I can barely get guys to write me a full word.


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