Dating in a new city

When you move to a new city, and your single, and live by yourself, online dating is a great way to meet people. When I moved from D.C. to Philadelphia for work, I knew no one – except my boss. So after take a brief hiatus from the dating world because I knew I was moving I adjusted my profiles and set my new city.

Of course, it was the same old same old, just with new people.  I started talking to a few people, and finally found a guy that I wanted to meet. We met for an afternoon date, and it was really nice.  We went to a Civil War battle park.  He showed me around, since he knew the area.  I was really comfortable with him, and we had good conversation and at the end he gave me a kiss goodbye.

We talked about meeting up again, and I thought it was going to happen.  Well – I was wrong.  The next time he talked to me was like 3 days later, and all of a sudden, conversation went from getting to know each other, and planning a second date to – him basically masturbating while texting me how much he wanted to fuck me. —— yeah apparently this is a thing now.  The guys will talk to you about “how bad they want you” or what they want to do to you, and in doing so they are getting themselves off on their end. My usual response to this is ummmmm………

Let’s just say, haven’t talked to him since.


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