And then there was the dreaded dick pick

So with dating online, you will do the back and forth with messaging on the app of your choice.  This can get really frustrating, because some apps don’t immediately send you notificiations when you get a message.  So ideally, if you like the person that you are talking to, you will want to exchange phone numbers.  This way you can talk to each other more easily or even talk on the phone.

Sometimes, guys will want to move from talking on one app to another.  If you aren’t familiar, there are different messaging apps – such as kik or snap chat, that allow you to talk to people and send pictures, but it’s still a little more private than actually giving out your phone number to a stranger.  But beware…when a guy asks you if you have a kik, there is a good chance that they are looking to just exchange photos, and these aren’t the photos you would post as a typical profile picture (or at least you hope they wouldnt).

There is nothing worse than when a guy asks you if you have more pictures than what you post.  They usually don’t let this side come out until after you have started talking, and decided that they are a semi normal person, but then they do a HUGE 180 and become a pervert. I am not sure when the dick pick phenomemon really started, or even why.  I doubt that I am the only woman who has absolutley NO DESIRE to see a strangers penis, especially if that’s all I do is look at a picture.  Honestly, if I am looking at a naked penis, it better be in person and we should be about to be having LOTS of fun!

Then once the guy sends you their picture – they expect that you will want to send them a picture of you.  One of the things keeps making news is leaked naked celebrity photos.  Not saying that I am on the same level as a celebrity, but you never really know what people are doing with your photos.  And as they say with the internet, once its out there, it’s out there forever – never going away.


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