Will they or won’t they meet?

In the digital age of dating, you have to get to know someone through text messages.  The way that you message someone can really make or break if you get a response.  When you send the simple “Hi” or some version of that – you don’t stand out in the crowd.  If you send a pick up line like the ever so popular “How much does a polar bear weigh” you can come across as cheesy and unoriginal.  You wnat to send something, sincere, maybe a line of flattery – or something original to get someone to actually respond to your message.  But when you do send a message – PROOF READ WHAT YOU WRITE! The biggest turn off is when you get a message and it is full of misspelled words, and grammatically incorrect sentences.

Once you have broken through and actually gotten a response to your message, this is the awkward part of getting to know someone through messages.  In the past that would be done by just walking up to someone and actually talking to them face to face. This phase has different 3 levels (just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears) to tell you what the other person’s intentions are –

Level 1 – Hook-Up Joe.  These are the people that say they need to meet you – that day.  They really don’t care about anything but what they see in the picture (because let’s be real, they probably didn’t read your profile.) They send you the message saying – we should meet right now. If you are looking for a hook-up then go for it! If you are looking for more, well chances are – they aren’t.

Level 2 – Commitment-phobe Joe.  These are the people who talk to you through text, and claim they want to meet – but never do.  They are either always busy, or just never ask to meet, BUT they will talk to you for weeks on end.  These would be great people if you are looking for a pen-pal type friend that you never have to actually see in public.

Level 3 – Ready to try Joe.  These are the guys that, are actually looking to meet you and maybe see if somethig more than one night will happen.  They will get to know you for a few days on the phone, but then ask you to meet for drinks or dinner or something within a reasonable amount of time after meeting.



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