I’ll be honest Chris royally screwed with my head.  I really liked him, I thought we had a great connection, and then I found out he cheated on me and is getting married – so right away, I didnt try a whole lot of dating, but I did meet up with one guy.  I called him Bethesda – because that’s where he lives.  We were planning on meeting up for a drink, but it was 11 at night. When I got there the bar was closed, so he invited me to his house.

He claimed to be good at making drinks – he mixed drink was whipped vodka with coke. -_- We started watching the MTV VMAs and I remember Taylor Swift was performing Shake it Offd4533b_b842e7014715403a804baef0ddc6bfdd for the first time. We started making out on his couch and then it somehow turned into me giving him a blow job.  It was the second time I had done it – and I wasn’t really sure what I was doing.  He guided what he wanted and he enjoyed himself, but then I got nothing in return…..LAME.

He said he wanted to go to 7-11 to get food afterwards, and instead I just wanted to leave. So I did, and never heard from him again.


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