Welcome to the life of Bouqueny

art-on-city-hall-600 (1)Hi!

Welcome to my blog.  I am a 27 year old single girl, who has recently moved to Philadelphia. I was talking to my friend about another one of my exploits with dating in the 21st century, and she suggested that I write a blog to tell people about my stories.

I decided that, why the heck not.  haha.  My life has been one of those stories – that you kind of want to shake your head at the way that society has turned out in recent years. So I will give a little back story about my dating experience.

When it comes to dating I was a late bloomer.  I have always been a little self conscious, and never really felt that I could be the one to attract guys. I stayed single through high school, and even college.  I moved around a bit, and even stayed single through that.  I had met a few guys, gone on a few dates, but never really let myself do anything more.  I always kept myself guarded, even when my friends were out at bars meeting people, dating, and exploring thier sexuality – I always acted like the mother hen, and never let myself experience life.

It wasn’t until I moved into an apartment in Northern, VA – and signed up for online dating that I really started to let myself experience things. So this blog is going to go through the exploits of my online dating life in the DC area and now in Philadelpiha – to let everyone know what the real world of dating is like now. Because, it’s not what it used to be – that’s for sure.


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